Frequently asked questions

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Etifak is a B2B marketplace. As such, you will find a vast choice of products and services. Our specialized teams also offer you a range of additional services (dropshipping, supply-chain financing, strategic consulting, operational negotiations, etc.). You thus have a powerful and user-friendly tool to develop your business whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Any type of company respecting the standards and legislations applicable to its activity. In order to ensure the attractiveness of our marketplace to sellers, an annual addressable expenditure threshold is required to use Etifak. Our services are therefore mainly aimed at medium-sized or larger companies or organizations.

As a buyer, you will have access to three types of vendors: your current suppliers, those of other buyers using Etifak's services and finally those carefully sourced by Etifak to offer you wider purchasing options.

In order to provide a relevant offer for buyers, we are committed to ensuring that the catalog offered by each seller meets quality criteria. As buyers have the opportunity to evaluate orders and offers, products or services that are poorly evaluated on a recurring basis may be delisted.

The main service of our marketplace is to help buyers and sellers get in touch and place orders. As such, we will never act as a buyer or seller.

As a seller, you remain responsible for carrying out all diligence to guarantee the quality of the products/services you offer, the good execution of the orders and the efficiency of your after-sales service. In return, as a buyer, you honor the payment of the products/services within a reasonable time.

The determination of prices and possible promotions remain at the sole discretion of the sellers.

Our marketplace allows you to easily compare the offers of several sellers, the prices are regularly adjusted by the latter to ensure the competitiveness of their offer.

Etifak is free for qualified buyers. Only exclusive catalog hosting or additional services are subject to specific billing for buyers. The same applies if you wish to benefit from integrations or developments that are specific to your organization

Excluding catalog hosting, sellers pay a commission on invoices paid by buyers. This commission is calculated on the basis of transactions carried out on Etifak and the standard commission rate defined for each category.

The way it works is transparent. Commissions are only charged when transactions in the marketplace have been settled by the buyer. Payment is required within 30 days.

All the payments corresponding to the execution of an order are made outside Etifak.

The platform is open to any type of ERP, e-procurement software, etc. Integration will be subject to a one-time cost to ensure that it works perfectly with your current systems.

By completing the form you are requesting registration on the platform. At this stage, you will be asked to accept our general terms and conditions of use for buyers and sellers, which describe how the platform works and the roles and responsibilities of each party involved. Following online registration, you will be in contact with our teams, who will discuss how to adapt our solution to your needs. The specific conditions for each buyer and seller will then be set out in a contract.

To sum up, online registration enables you to express your interest in joining the platform as a buyer or seller, but you are not committed to any minimum expenditure or commission.