Find below some of our articles to learn more about B2B Marketplaces in general and how we, at Etifak, bring this technology at the service of procurement :

Illustration article 5 - The importance of B2B procurement platforms in the Agri-Food sector

#B2B Marketplaces, #Agri-Food, #Innovation, #Efficiency

Explore how B2B purchasing platforms are transforming the agri-food sector by optimizing procurement processes, enhancing transparency, traceability, and inventory management, while reducing costs and fostering innovation.

Illustration article 4 - The importance of the agri-food sector in the economies of Sub-Saharian Africa's countries

#Sub-Saharian Africa, #Agriculture, #Agri-food, #Innovation

Explore how the agrifood sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is a pillar of the economy, food security, rural development, and socio-economic stability, with immense potential for innovation and growth.

Illustration article 1 - Revolutionizing Procurement: The Power of B2B Marketplaces

#Procurement Transformation, #Streamlined Sourcing, #Supplier Diversity, #Procurement Efficiency

Discover how B2B Marketplaces revolutionize procurement, streamline sourcing, and enhance efficiency. Unearth the key tips for leveraging these platforms to transform your procurement practices effectively.

Illustration article 2 - Reinventing Procurement: B2B Marketplaces at the Heart of Transformation

#Procurement Transformation, #Sustainability, #Resource Optimization, #Supplier Management

Explore how B2B marketplaces revolutionize procurement. Discover their role in tackling evolving challenges, promoting sustainability, and optimizing resources for savings and efficiency.

Illustration article 3 - Navigating Inflation with B2B Marketplaces: A Procurement Game Changer

#Inflation, #Dynamic Pricing, #Supplier Management, #Cost-saving, #Financial Uncertainty

Learn how B2B marketplaces empower procurement professionals to tackle inflation's challenges with dynamic pricing, diverse catalogs, and efficient supplier management.